San Jose: California’s Great America

There is nothing quite as incredibly nostalgic as a day filled with cotton candy, ice cream, and thrill rides galore! It is reminiscent of simpler times with the family – little girls maneuvering their dads around as they’re sat on their shoulders, little boys pulling at their mother’s skirts to go queue up for another ride – and that is, after all, the main purpose of a theme park!

California’s Great America, for example, is one of these places. Located in San Jose, California, it is home to some of the more classic rides like the Droptower and everyone’s favorite water park, Boomerang Bay! It is perfect for those scorching hot summer Southern California days when nothing would feel more welcome that the swift rush of air against your skin that comes as you come hurting up and down, and on and on again; there is nothing quite as refreshing as the cool water splashing about as you enjoy this nice, memorable day out with your friends and family!

This theme park is designed to please every demographic – kids and adults alike! Kids are certain to enjoy their time no matter what the attraction and the park also still caters to the little blasts from the pasts that remind adults of their own childhoods, from days long gone but never forgotten. Good food and fun times – what a better way to spend a summer day?

But this is a park for all seasons as, not forgetting the “theme” in theme park, there are also even some seasonal attractions that come every year such as the Halloween Haunts! These haunts come with spook-tastic interactive mazes, haunts and attractions!

You will never run out of things to do over where all the thrills connect, only at California’s Great America!

Postnuptial Agreements on the Rise

Divorce lawyers are seeing more and more clients interested in getting a postnuptial agreement made as most states in the US have signified a wider acceptance of their validity in court, if not in statute. It’s about time, too.

Postnuptial agreements have the same goal as prenuptial agreements: to establish the terms and conditions that will prevail in the event of a divorce. However, postnuptial agreements can be entered into at any time that the marriage is still intact, and can head off a pending divorce if it is properly constructed, or at least mitigate the attendant difficulties.

Unlike prenups, postnuptial agreements are not contingent on a divorce; it can be designed to kick in in the event of the death of one spouse. In that aspect, it has some elements of estate planning, because the postnuptial agreement can be used to detail dispositions of assets, liabilities, control of businesses, trusts, and bank accounts. A postnuptial agreement can also modify or eliminate on spousal claims to an estate that would otherwise be inviolable under the state’s family and estate law statutes.

Historically, postnuptial agreements were considered not valid because of the legal theory of marital unity, in which a married couple is considered as one entity. But with the prevalence of divorce in the US, this is obviously a theory that does not hold much water anymore, what with people embarking on two or even more marriages in their lifetime. Postnuptial agreements were also stigmatized as encouraging divorce, but in fact, some marriages have been saved because of the presence of this document.

Postnuptial agreements can include almost any stipulation, and some include bizarre clauses that are nevertheless considered valid provided that both parties signed the contract willingly and with full knowledge. Barring any issue of fraud or deceit, most postnuptial agreements are enforceable. Most states may review the conditions set in the agreement for fairness, but not all i.e. Pennsylvania.

Creating a Parenting Agreement after Divorce

Divorce is neither pleasant nor simple, and there are so many factors that can make the divorce process complicated. The presence of a child may require further adjustments on continuing the parenting together and it is very important to always put the child first. It is therefore vital to form a parenting agreement that would work not only for both you and your spouse, but also for your child. It would be better to have the parenting agreement approved and made legal by the court and made into a court order because it can be enforced when the other spouse does not follow the terms put in the agreement.

There are many topics that should be discussed and included in the parenting agreement, and among the most important ones are the custody and visitation rights, financial support, religious training, education, and holidays. Settling a parenting agreement would guarantee a more successful post-divorce relationship between you and the other parent as it establishes clear expectations and avoid any conflicts. Forming the parenting agreement would allow you and your spouse to openly discuss about possible issues that would come up in the child’s future and how you both would choose to handle these situations. This would establish how you and your ex-spouse would share time and decision-making regarding your child.

Drafting a parenting agreement can be made just between the two spouses, or with the help of a lawyer or mediator. According to the website of the Law Offices of Baden V. Mansfield, there are necessary documents the needed to be reviewed before a parenting agreement can be made and signed upon. Once the parenting agreement has been made, it should be presented the judge as part of the divorce file and to be approved upon. When the judge have signed it, it will become enforceable and will have legal repercussions when the terms are not complied with.