How to Avoid Copyright Infringement Accusations

With everything from images to entire books being available online, even the industry big-shots are facing accusations of copyright infringement accusations. It is becoming more and more easy to violate a copyright and not even know it. However, by following some simple steps, you can avoid copyright infringement.

The first thing a person should do before using a image, literary work, drawing, films, music track and many other creative works is to understand the copyright laws. While these laws can become complicated and confusing, the basis of these laws are fairly simple. Knowing what a copyright protects is the first step in understanding the laws. A copyright generally protects the owner of content to exclusive use of the creative work or controlling the distribution and who uses it. However, copyright laws generally do not protect against the use of ideas of rephrasing of texts, granted you cite your source in your work. If you do not cite, it can constitute plagiarism which can also carry penalties. It is also important to understand the difference between a trademark and copyright as well as works listed under the public domain, which is not under any sort of copyright.

Knowing copyright laws is only the first step in avoiding copyright infringement. Taking works from the Internet is risky because all creative content is either copyrighted or falls under copyright laws by default. This means a work does not have to contain a specific copyright for it to be considered copyrighted. This even includes writing works based on other works, such as fan fictions. You can avoid this by using works that have a public copyright which means the work is often free for the public to use. Another good rule of thumb is to ask the creator for explicit permission to use their content to avoid copyright infringement.

It is necessary to understand copyright laws because the penalties for violating a copyright can be extensive and severe. For more information on copyright laws, visit this website….