San Jose: California’s Great America

There is nothing quite as incredibly nostalgic as a day filled with cotton candy, ice cream, and thrill rides galore! It is reminiscent of simpler times with the family – little girls maneuvering their dads around as they’re sat on their shoulders, little boys pulling at their mother’s skirts to go queue up for another ride – and that is, after all, the main purpose of a theme park!

California’s Great America, for example, is one of these places. Located in San Jose, California, it is home to some of the more classic rides like the Droptower and everyone’s favorite water park, Boomerang Bay! It is perfect for those scorching hot summer Southern California days when nothing would feel more welcome that the swift rush of air against your skin that comes as you come hurting up and down, and on and on again; there is nothing quite as refreshing as the cool water splashing about as you enjoy this nice, memorable day out with your friends and family!

This theme park is designed to please every demographic – kids and adults alike! Kids are certain to enjoy their time no matter what the attraction and the park also still caters to the little blasts from the pasts that remind adults of their own childhoods, from days long gone but never forgotten. Good food and fun times – what a better way to spend a summer day?

But this is a park for all seasons as, not forgetting the “theme” in theme park, there are also even some seasonal attractions that come every year such as the Halloween Haunts! These haunts come with spook-tastic interactive mazes, haunts and attractions!

You will never run out of things to do over where all the thrills connect, only at California’s Great America!